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One in three families are impacted by addiction

One in seven people have an addiction to drugs or alcohol

On average, families wait seven years to seek help for addiction

Only 10% of people with addictions ever get help 

You Shouldn't Have To Worry Every Night.


You shouldn't...

  • Be treated like you're the enemy and have to walk on eggshells.
  • Make yourself responsible or think that this is your fault.
  • Doubt if there's anything you can do to help.
  • Feel lost or confused when you look for answers.
  • Settle for this being hopeless.

Unfortunately, there’s a staggering amount of misinformation about addiction.

There's widespread cluelessness about what you can do to help.

Even most doctors, counselors and therapists get it wrong.

Finally the day comes when you’re courageous enough to say...

"There MUST be something I can do to help My son? My daughter? My husband?

But what you’re told is...

  • They have to want it. 
  • They have to be ready. 
  • They have to hit bottom. 
  • You need to let go. 
  • Put your oxygen mask on first. 


Can you think of anything dumber to say to a desperate family member who already feels helpless?

I can't.

Yet, these are the traditional responses you'll receive when you ask for help.

It's heartbreaking.

People flat out tell you there's nothing you can do- like that's helpful. 

As a substance abuse counselor and Interventionist- who grew up around addiction, suffered with it, recovered from it, who now helps addicts and alcoholics everyday...

Here's what you need to know about addiction:

People with addictions die believing they can stop whenever they want to. 

They believe they don't have a problem. 

They believe they don't need any help. 

They believe they can do it on their own.


The Truth: Your addicted loved one...

  • CAN'T stop whenever they want to. 
  • Does have a problem. 
  • Does NEED help. 
  • Can't do it alone.


Putting your oxygen mask on first doesn't do anything to keep your plane from crashing.

"Letting go" is a luxury most families can't afford.

As for hitting bottom, how many more rock bottoms do you have to see them hit?

Addiction means continued use DESPITE negative consequences. 

No matter what bad things happen, your loved one will continue to drink and use drugs, make excuses, break another promise, act like nothing's wrong, and shake it off. 

Until one day- hitting bottom means dead.

Today can be the day it all comes to an end. 


There Is Something You Can Do.


You can start by requesting a complimentary Clarity Call. You'll receive expert guidance and direction specific to your needs.
You may be thinking an INTERVENTION sounds so extreme. Sure, my loved one has a problem but it's not THAT bad! Is it?
It's bad enough that you're still reading.
The good news is that you have options! There's more than one way to encourage and help your loved one. And a Clarity Call can help you decide an approach that’s right for you.
Whatever approach you choose, interventions are effective and evidence based.
How effective? Interventions led by a professional work upwards of 90% of the time.
This is how to get your loved one to accept help, even when they've always refused help in the past. 
Today can be the day it all comes to an end.
If you want to regain some control and find out how to make this better, schedule a Clarity Call today.
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3 Ways We Can Help You

Individual Coaching

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The Family Meeting

A less formal, well planned chat without the ultimatums

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A Professional Intervention

The signature, "You're Getting Help Today" plan that really works 

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"To live through an impossible situation, you don't need the muscles of a Hercules, the reflexes of a grand prix driver, or the mind of an Einstein... You simply need to know what to do."

-Anthony Greenbeck, from "The Book Of Survival."

Don't Leave Any Stone Unturned

Millions of American families are struggling with addiction each year. We’re here to help you understand what you’re going through. These resources can help you navigate your own unique situation, cope with challenges, and explore all the ways that you can help yourself and your loved one.

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You know something's wrong...

Is it addiction? You're not sure.

You're not sure what to do.

You're not even sure IF there's anything you can do.

You're being lied to and treated like the enemy. You feel alone, like no one knows what you're going through. You're walking on eggshells. You feel stuck, guilty, angry, and embarrassed. You wonder if this is your fault. You’re afraid something terrible is going to happen. Everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. When you look for help, you’re told...

They have to want it. They have to be ready.

They have to hit bottom. 

You can’t fix this for them.

Just let go. Keep the focus on yourself.

Put your oxygen mask on first.

There’s nothing you can do!!


People will tell you there's nothing you can do- like that's helpful.


They're wrong...






What People Say About Chris


Before working with Chris, I was struggling with how to deal with my husband's addiction. Everything felt overwhelming and hopeless. I couldn't comprehend why it seemed like he didn't want help and didn't care about the damage he caused to our family. There was a lot of anger, resentment, and fighting, and we were definitely on the path to divorce.

What surprised me the most was the huge impact that just a few subtle shifts in my behavior and understanding could make both in how I reacted to my husband and how he respond to me.

1. I gained a critical understanding of addiction and recovery that I never would have come to on my own that completely flipped the script on how I was viewing the situation with my loved one. Just this insight helped me go from feeling hopeless, resentful, and angry to being able to clearly see what was happening and why.

2. I really understood why my actions previous to working with Chris weren't helping and what I needed to do going forward to stop enabling and - truthfully - making the situation worse.

3. The biggest benefit - my husband voluntarily checked himself into and completed a 42-day rehab program perfectly geared toward his situation. The whole family is working hard on his sobriety, and we all feel more peaceful and hopeful than we've felt in nearly a decade.

Earl Hightower

If you're a family in need of an Interventionist in the Eastern part of the United States, call Christopher. And if you're in the Western part of the United States, call me. And if we don't have time, we'll know who to send you to.


I can't speak highly enough of what you do and of Why Intervention. If you're looking for somebody that's going to know what they're doing in terms of an intervention or in terms of recovery, Chris is the right guy to ask. I can't endorse you enough.


What surprised me the most was that his method worked. My nephew is on his way to one year of sobriety this July! Working with Chris was easy - because of his calm, cool, authoritative demeanor. He instilled confidence in all of our family intervention participants. He prepped us all - we were prepared for everything & anything.


Chris will guide you in the most professional manner with guidance from an expert. It will make your entire experience tolerable even pleasant because he understands completely. He is very compassionate about his life service and I feel blessed he was there for me at that time. Thank you Chris


Don't wait. Chris can give you insights that you need. As the family of the person with an addiction we are often blinded because of our love.  The insights into what we need to do are impactful. I felt like Chris was truly engaged and cared for our son's success and our success as a family.  We are truly grateful.


My partner was and is struggling with alcoholism, and while I was going to Al-Anon, I needed individualized help on how to respond to him in certain situations, how to talk to him about his drinking, and how to strike the right balance of getting him help and not controlling his recovery.

I was happiest that my partner agreed that his drinking was a problem and him getting sober determined our relationship’s success. I also was happy that he acknowledged his drinking was a problem to a friend and that friend is trying to help him get back to sobriety.
1. Being able to talk regularly to an expert made me understand how alcoholism worked, and seeing alcoholism as the thing we were up against and trying to outsmart was immensely helpful.
2. Shifting my perspective of my role and having realistic expectations for what is on me vs. what’s on him. Understanding why the way I wanted to approach the problem wasn’t ideal.
3. Getting help on specific phrases I could use that were tailored to the situations I was facing was invaluable.
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For years we wrestled with my son’s active addiction and alcoholism and watched him suffer. No matter how we pleaded, punished or threatened nothing worked. Chris helped me see that when my son was ready he’d seek help. Chris guided us in getting him to treatment. His guidance and advice helped make the process of getting help for my son smooth and thankfully, quick. I didn’t feel alone through a very painful and frightening time.


I guess what surprised me the most was all the answers to my questions. He really enlightened me on how I handled how I felt about my mom’s problem and also how I communicated with her. He helped me change my approach and my outlook on the disease which proved to be extremely impactful. I would recommend this service to anyone. What does anyone have to lose. If it fails, they are in the same spot as when they started. In my case, so far all things look positive. I’m so appreciative of this program and Chris. 


Family members were somewhat divided on how to talk with our relative; some were of the “tough love” approach, others more committed to compassion and empathy. Chris explained how to speak the truth but always coming from a position of love. The family unified because of his experience and unwavering commitment to his belief in the empathy model. 


Chris - was superb- really understood what was going to happen -has a great deal of information for family members-was really helpful. He explained everything with great detail about what we should expect and how to go about everything which was very helpful.


The addiction was spiraling out of control and the outcome was not going to be good had it continued any longer. My dad is getting help right now that he wouldn’t of been had we not had the intervention.


Chris's determination to listen first and ask insightful questions, and to repeat back demonstrating that he heard us and understood, and generally expressed things better than us. We felt that he understood us and our son, and very carefully crafted a strategy to maximize the probability of success. He was always available and was ready to invest as much time as necessary to achieve the well-articulated goals.

Chris has a gift for communicating and easily bridges generations and educational differences. He understands the common human denominators and has an ability to formulate just the right thing to say in the fewest words for the greatest impact.

I think it may be challenging for many to understand up front what value Chris' coaching brings, and the cost may seem difficult to justify. In the end, it was more than justified by his expertise, service and the results. It is a dilemma when the clients don't have the experience to understand the value up front.

Christopher Doyle is the founder of Why Intervention. He's a professional interventionist and substance abuse counselor with 13 years of sobriety. Chris has used his experience and expertise to convince hundreds of people to accept help for addiction. 

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Don't Leave Any Stone Unturned

Millions of American families are struggling with addiction each year. We’re here to help you understand what you’re going through. These resources can help you navigate your own unique situation, cope with challenges, and explore all the ways that you can help yourself and your loved one.

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